Press Reports

Richard Brosal, UHL Commissioner. "I've presented Cohen's program to each team in my league. I'm impressed."

Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal. "...telling hockey teams what they may not want to hear...the only way to build loyal fans is to teach them to love the game, not the gimmick."

The Fischler Report. "The good news is that a marketing ace such as Cohen is focusing precisely on making hockey more saleable...there has never been a specific firm solely consumed with marketing hockey until now..."

Other Comments:

  • "We're discounting our product all the time. Like a fast food restaurant, our fans are getting used to using discounted tickets. Soon, if it's not already happening already, that's the only way the fans will come to the game. Cohen may have a way to stop that."

  • "I haven't seen any real growth in attendance over the past three years. That means I haven't been marketing the game properly...finally, a company that can help...."

  • "The timing to do this is perfect. It takes alot to challenge the hockey community and convince them that they may need just a little help...if he can help put McDonald's on the map, think what he can do for hockey."

  • "At a recent meeting, he asked the most interesting questions about how we were marketing our team, questions and issues about things we hadn't even thought about."

  • "Full of energy and real marketing saavy that could benefit all of us...if you can be open, he's worth listening to."